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Guest Room

Japanese-style modern rooms with black tatami mat and Kyoto rooms where you can experience Kyoto atmosphere are prepared for you.

  • modern
  • room entrance
  • kyoto style
  • Modern Type
  • Room Entrance
  • Kyoto Style

Guest Room2 -hall-

guest room2 hall

Public Bath

At Satomo Ryokan, you can use a big common bath anytime from the check-in time of 4:00pm to 9:00am next morning. We hope you enjoy bathing whenever you choose such as having nice long bath during quite hour at night or bathing in the morning.

  • 2F PublicBath
  • PublicBath Lamp
  • Microbubble
  • PublicBath
  • PublicBath Lamp
  • Microbubble

Private Bath in Room

A prefabricated bath with a shower is also fully equipped in the all rooms.

  • PrivateBath

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